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Welcome to the Faculty of Social Studies

The Faculty of Social Studies offers social science degrees in a range of fields and provides a platform for young researchers to launch their careers. Teaching at the Faculty is closely integrated with research, reflecting the latest developments in social sciences and keeping step with newly emerging fields. As part of this forward-looking ethos, the Faculty cultivates extensive international links with over 50 universities, frequently welcoming guest lecturers from its international partners to teach courses for Master’s and doctoral degrees.

Teaching and learning

Bachelor’s degrees

Social Work programme full-time and combined (part-distance) studies
degree subject: Qualified Social Worker
Graduates are qualified for careers as social workers.

Health Care-Social Work programmefull-time studies
degree subject: Integrated Health and Social Care
Graduates are qualified for non-medical health care professions without direct management or expert supervision. Areas of application include preventive care, diagnostics, rehabilitation and social work.

Community Development programmefull-time and combined (part-distance) studies
degree subject: Addressing Multidisciplinary Local Problems
This degree responds to the growing need for professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge and skills in the field of spatial and community planning, enabling graduates to coordinate development on the regional, municipal and community levels. The degree emphasizes the social dimension of community work and trains graduates to analyze situations, communicate, and apply creative problem-solving skills.

Master’s degrees

Social Work – full-time and combined (part-distance) studies
degree subject: Social Work Specialist in the Field of Social Work Theory and Research
Graduates are trained to address theoretical and practical issues by applying a range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to social work and social work research.

Management of Social Work Organizations – full-time and combined (part-distance) studies
degree subject: Management in Social Work
+ Joint Degree programme in conjunction with international partner universities
Graduates are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills enabling them to pursue careers in social services and social work management. The Joint Degree programme enables students to complete a part of their studies abroad, at our partner universities in Austria (Fachhochschule Campus Wien) and Slovakia (University of Trnava).

Coordination of Rehabilitation and Long-Term Health and Social Care – full-time and combined (part-distance) studies
degree subject: Interdisciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity
Graduates acquire interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in the fields of health care and social work, enabling them to identify, propose, negotiate and implement sets of multidisciplinary solutions in response to health changes in short-term or long-term patients (following injuries or as a consequence of permanent illness).

Doctoral degree

Social Work – full-time and combined (part-distance) studies in Czech and English
degree subject: Research for Developments in Social Work
The doctoral degree expands and deepens students’ knowledge of social work theory and methods, incorporating various other related fields and social sciences research methodology.


The Faculty integrates basic and applied research, transferring research findings into practical applications and actively pursuing research to address contemporary social issues. A key partner in these activities is the European Research Institute for Social Work (ERIS), one of the University’s research centres.

Research at the Faculty focuses particularly on topics related to exclusion – a phenomenon which represents a serious threat to social integrity and cohesion in contemporary society. Exclusion is a multidimensional concept, and as such it requires multidisciplinary research methods. Researchers from the Faculty work with a number of specific target groups. The first group consists of people suffering exclusion from housing; here we develop sets of tools enabling these individuals to overcome their housing-related problems. The second group consists of socially excluded seniors; researchers focus on how social workers can help their clients overcome this situation. The third key target group consists of informal carers helping individuals who suffer from long-term or terminal illness and/or permanent disability; here our researchers develop interdisciplinary tools for application in long-term health-social care.

The Faculty is firmly rooted in the Ostrava region, and it plays an active role in driving the transformation of local communities. A central part of this process is the practical application of the Faculty’s research results to address health-related and social issues in Ostrava and the wider region.

Why study at the Faculty of Social Studies

  • The Faculty coordinates a system of practical placements and field-based training, ensuring close links between academic studies and practical community applications.
  • Our students work closely alongside academic staff on research projects, enabling young researchers to develop their skills and providing a platform for them to launch research-based careers.
  • We host regular guest lecturers from our international partner universities.
  • The Faculty organizes an annual Spring School of Social Work for Master’s and doctoral students.
  • We offer a Social Work doctoral programme in English.
  • We publish the journal ‘Czech and Slovak Social Work’, which also appears in an English version (