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Hall of Residence Management

Navrátilová, Dagmar, Ing.
Head of Accommodation
Office: +420 597 091 029
Mobile: +420 734 423 978

Mamicová, Dana, Mgr.
Head of Accommodation Operations
Office: +420 596 245 578

Basic Information

Contact us

Mailing Address
Ostravská univerzita
Vysokoškolské koleje J. Opletala
Kranichova 8/1433
710 00 Ostrava – Slezská Ostrava

Billing Address
Ostravská univerzita
Dvořákova 7
701 03 Ostrava

Hall of Residence Reception
Office: +420 596 245 578, +420 597 093 000

Additional Information
Reg. No.: 61988987
Tax ID: CZ 61988987


Bank account no. for international students
IBAN: CZ72 0300 0000 0000 1773 0683
Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (ČSOB, a.s.)

How to get there

From the centre of Ostrava: Direction ZOO, Michálkovice, Heřmanice – Take trolleybus No. 104, 106, 108, or 109. Get off at the stop Revírní bratrská pokladna

From the Main train station: Take trolleybus No. 108. Get off at the stop Gymnázium

From the bus station (Náměstí Republiky): Take trolleybus No. 104. Get off at the stop Revírní bratrská pokladna


Services for students

The rooms are usually triple, but also double or single with shared bathroom in the hallways. Every room is equipped  with beds, pillow, quilt, linens, wardrobes, desks, chairs, shelves, lamps and a small refrigerator.


Long-term accommodation on the basis of the Accommodation Agreement for more than one calendar month – Accommodation fee rates: (Price of accommodation in CZK, incl. 15% VAT)

Type of accommodation month/bed night/bed
Quadruple/4-bed room 2000 100
Triple/3-bed room 2250 100
Double/2-bed room 2500 100
Single/1-bed room 2800 100
1 person in a triple room 3000 100

Short-term accommodation without concluding the Accommodation Agreement – Special rates: (Price of accommodation in CZK, incl. 15% VAT)

Type of accommodation night/bed
Triple/3-bed room 200

Offered services

Internet connection in rooms – It’s free for the students accommodated in the halls of residence.

Internet access in the halls of residence is ensured by a cable connection and/or Wifi network covering the B Building and the reception area. In order to set up a cable connection on your laptop or another electronic device, click on the link to watch the video tutorial:

In order to set up a Wifi connection on your electronic device, you need to connect to the EDUROAM network. For more information, see instructions below:

If you have any questions or if you cannot manage to obtain Internet access, please contact the network administrator or leave a message at the reception and I'll get back to you.

I’ve also attached a link to the instructions in a hard copy:

Bathroom facility – Bathrooms are shared and situated in the hallways. It is divided by floors, by “MEN” and “WOMEN”. As one enters the facility, there are Toilets on one side and Washrooms with showers and sinks on the other. Toilet paper, soap, and towels are not included.

Kitchens - Kitchens that are equipped with electric stoves and dish cabinets are available to students on each floor. Each room is furnished with one cabinet, whose number complies with a number of the room. The keys for the cabinets can be picked up with the signature from the Head of Operations. When moving out, it is necessary to put the cabinet back to the original state (i.e., empty, wash, clean up properly) and hand it over to the housekeeping. Keeping the kitchens in an orderly manner shall be a matter of course for every student.

Laundry storage room – is located in the basement of the B Building. Students can exchange their leased dirty linens for clean ones. Dates for the linen exchange are posted at the reception desk.

Laundry rooms - A total of three laundries are available to students in the basement of A and B Buildings. The keys to the laundry room can be rented for 12 hours with a residence card and payment of a 50 CZK deposit at the reception desk of the hall of residence. In case of a failure to a 12-hour rental period rule, the 50 CZK deposit is used as a penalty for late return of keys (see Annex no. 1 to the Rector’s Directive no. 199/2013 – Pricelist of Damages)

Laundry dryers are available behind the reception area.

Study room – When seeking a quieter place for studying, students can use a study room located on the 1st floor of A Building. The keys to the study can be borrowed from the reception desk upon submission of a residence card.

PC room -  is situated on the 1st floor of B Building. A janitor unlocks and locks the room. Entry is only possible with an ISIC card.
Opening hours: daily 6 am – 12 pm, except Tuesdays, when open from 8 am – 12 pm for cleaning.

TV rooms – are located on the 2nd floor of A and B Buildings and are equipped with comfortable chairs. The Building A TV Room also includes a DVD player. Keys can be borrowed upon the submission of a residence card at the reception desk of the residence hall.

Fitness room is equipped with exercise bikes, a treadmill, dumbbells and other exercise equipment. While exercising you can use the music tower and listen to your favourite music. The fitness room is located in the basement of the A building. The key can be borrowed with a residence card at the front desk of the residence hall. Any detected defects must be reported at the front desk.

Table tennis court – is situated in the basement of A Building. The key can be borrowed with a residence card at the front desk of the residence hall. Appropriate equipment such as rackets and balls are available for rental.

Pianos - Pianos in the basement of the A Building are available to the students of musical study branches. There are three rooms with a total of five pianos. The keys can be borrowed with a residence card at the reception. The rooms are available daily from 8 am to 10 pm. due maintenance of the silent night hours rule.

Sports area – A multifunctional sports area that can be used for ball games such as a volleyball, foot tennis, soccer, tennis, or badminton serves for sports and active rest of students. The sports area has been built on campus and is open daily from 7 am to 9 pm depending on conditions. There is no entrance fee for accommodated students. The sports area can be opened on request after submission of a residence card to a receptionist. Sporting gear such as balls, tennis balls, rackets, a badminton set, etc. can be rented for a fee of approx. 10-25 CZK at the reception. It is necessary to follow sports area and adjacent land rules and maintain order.

Garden – Students can use the adjoining garden to relax. The receptionist unlocks the garden upon request and submission of a residence card.  The garden must be kept clean and in order.

Games - Students accommodated in halls of residence may choose from a number of free board games to be lent at the front desk with their signature. There are approximately 25 board games for loan (e.g. Scrabble, Monopoly, Legion, etc.). The board games are available for free, and it is governed by the Lending Rules.

Smoking rooms – Due to a smoking ban in place in the entire campus there are smoking rooms for students who want to voluntarily damage their health and yet don’t feel like freezing outside while doing so, available. The smoking rooms are located on the ground floor of the A and B Buildings.

Student Club Áčko Hladnov - Students accommodated in halls of residence can visit the Club, hang out with friends, have a drink, or take part in various events organized by the Students Union (link to SUS).

Compliance with working regulations, residence rules, and other applicable directives and internal memos is required in all areas of the hall of residence.

We hope you will be able to select from our offer and wish you a pleasant stay.

Information on accommodation for Erasmus and international students

Payment of deposit (Rector’s Directive No. 113/08)

An Erasmus student who was provided accommodation at University of Ostrava dorm rooms (J. Opletal Halls of Residence) and who would like to use it, is required to pay a refundable deposit of CZK 3,000 no later than the dates below:

  • 31 August of the given year for winter semester (WS)
  • 31 January of the given year for summer semester (SS)
  • In other cases no later than 2 weeks before the start of the accommodation

An international student sends a copy of proof of payment of the deposit and notification of accommodation start date via email to

A student commits to the accommodation upon completion of the payment of the refundable deposit. If the student fails to check in for an accommodation or the accommodation takes less than three calendar months the deposit shall be forfeited as compensation for the blocked room.

Bank information for payment of deposit

IBAN: CZ72 0300 0000 0000 1773 0683
Československá obchodní banka, a.s. (ČSOB, a.s.)

Variable Symbol: Assigned Czech identification number of the student without letters

Message to Recipient (Note): Specify Name and Surname of the student

Payment of accommodation fee

An accommodation fee is payable for each full calendar month (even in case of vacating during the calendar month) with an exception of the month of moving into the residence where the accommodation fee is payable from the start date.

The accommodation fee is payable by the 15th of the month. If the student fails to pay the accommodation fee by the end of the calendar month, a penalty for late payment of the accommodation fee is added to an unpaid fee on the first day of the following month (for more information see Accommodation Agreement).

Account number for establishment of a direct debit order: 17730683/0300 maintained at ČSOB, a.s.


  • Neither a specific nor avariablesymbol is filled out on thedirect debit order
  • Account number, which is used to establish a direct debit order, must be included with your name on the University of Ostrava Portal!

In the event of an extraordinary payment of an accommodation fee using a single bank transfer order or a money order and in order to correctly assign the payment with your name please remember to include:

Variable symbol: 85993301
Specific symbol for payments:  can be found on UO Portal upon Login – go to My Page – Personal Information.

Vacating a hall of residence

The student must submit a written Request for Termination of the Accommodation to the Residence Office by the 15th day of the month, in which the student plans to terminate his/her accommodation. He/she then moves out of the residence on the last working day of the month.
A student vacates the room in person, during working days and office hours.

When moving out the students must submit the following to housekeeping:

  • Tidyroom with furnituremoved back to itsoriginal location
  • Emptiedand cleanedwardrobe, bed, desk,
  • Mopped floorin the room(even behind abed anda desk)
  • Defrostedandcleanrefrigerator(defrosting must be started the day before!)
  • Emptiedand washed kitchen cabinet
  • Student returns borrowed linens to a maid

A student hands in a vacate ticket signed by housekeeping, a residence card, and a key back to the Head of Accommodation Operations in the Residence Office.


Governing standards

Forms to download

About J. Opletal Halls of Residence

The University of Ostrava Halls of Residence are one of the smaller dormitories with an accommodation capacity of 564 students. The dormitories are located in the city quarter of Slezská Ostrava. The centre of the city is approximately 5 minutes by trolleybus or 10 minutes on foot from the dormitories.

Accommodation for students:
J. Opletal Halls of residence offers two-bed and four-bed rooms with shared bathrooms in the hallways.

Accommodation for the public:
Double rooms with a private bathroom, or double rooms without a bathroom. Accommodation availability during holiday months for students, non-students and organized events

There is a buffet on the campus that offers a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Free parking on campus, multifunctional sports area, and fitness centre

There is a beautiful view of the city of Ostrava from the halls of residence.

The Ostrava ZOO, Mining Museum Landek, shopping centre and several restaurants are located near the halls of residence.